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Frenchy’s Bistro

coiffe chef

The french diner

by the celebrity chef Gilles Epié


Frenchy’s Bistro is the 1st « bistronomic » restaurant to be managed by a Michelin-starred Chef at the airport, in Paris-CDG!

Gilles Epié, the so-called « Celebrities’ Chef » who was awarded by Michelin when he was 22 years old and who owned the unmissable Orangerie in Los Angeles, designed Frenchy’s Bistro’s menu while taking inspiration from its French and American influences.

At Frenchy’s Bistro, Gilles mixes French classic flavors with other cultural influences. For how much? Just the price you pay in a traditional Bistrot!

Like Be Gourmet’s other restaurants, Frenchy’s Bistro offers a table-service menu as well as a take-away menu, with the very same motto: freshness, authenticity, efficiency.

Frenchy’s is the last restaurant to which passengers will go before they travel back home. This is why I deeply want an irreproachable service, smiles, a warm welcoming, and of course excellent quality of food. We must offer our clients a delicious memory of their trip!

Gilles Epié